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We are excited to invite you to the first stop in your digitalization journey with our Sea to Cloud tour. During this 2 hours inspirational event, we share examples and best practices for safer, more efficient and sustainable vessel operations. 

Maritime digitalization is a must-know – and fast becoming a must-have in order to stay competitive. During this 2 hours inspirational event, you will get an update on maritime digitalization and learn how to enable safer, more efficient, and more sustainable ship operations.

Together with our partners, we are setting a new standard for data collection and utilization and during the event we will show how you can benefit from our way of thinking differently – on everything from the open infrastructure to the way we do maritime simulation training. And you are invited to take part in this journey.


Date: 16th March
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: Sugar Loaf – Pão de Açúcar.
Fees: Free

NOTE: Registrations are now closed

rio 2023 - speakers

Marianne Fosland

Consul General of Norway,
Rio de Janeiro

Rafael Fischer

Technical Leader, 
Vale S.A.

Paulo Jose
Assunção Junior

Growth Manager, Vessel Insight


Country Manager Brazil
Kongsberg Maritime do Brasil

Clara Maria
Boa nova

Customer Success Manager
Kongsberg Digital

Vivek Barve

Area Director – Vessel Insight, Americas


Client Director, Customer Success
Kongsberg Digital

Sigrid Siksjø Johansen

Product Owner Applications, Kongsberg Digital

Kristian Kleiveland

Area Director – Vessel Insight, Offshore

Lindsay Arnold

Marketing Director,
ABS Wavesight

"Kongsberg Digital: a strategic view within maritime"

Christopher Bergsager, Vice President Growth, Vessel Insight, Kongsberg Digital

"Digitalizing for value"

Sanjeev Namath, Chief Business Officer, Alpha Ori

"Does profit eat sustainability for breakfast?"

Susheel Pal Head of Business Development – APAC, Coach Solutions

"Carbon Intensity Indicator, eliminating 70 by 2050!"

Nishant Dhyani, Fleet Efficiency Manager, Swire Shipping


We are excited to invite you to the first stop in your digitalization journey with our Sea to Cloud tour!

5:00 pm

Arrival and registration

Snacks, fruit, coffee, and mingling. Take in the breathtaking views of the sunset and Sugar Loaf while mingling with colleagues, or striking up a conversation with a new acquaintance. Make the most of this memorable experience!

6:00 pm


Introduction to the event

Paulo Jose Assunção and Clara Maria Boa Nova, 

Kongsberg Digital

6:05 pm

Opening Speeches

Remarks from the Norwegian Consul and the Chair of the NBCC.

Marianne Fosland, Consul General, Norwegian Consulate in Rio de Janeiro & Cristiane de Lamare, Chair, Norwegian Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Country Manager,
Kongsberg Maritime
06:15 pm

Digitalization for a Sustainable Future

Reaching the ambitious emission targets within 2030 and 2050 requires action now. How to use digitization to accelerate the emission reduction?

Vivek Barve

Area Director Americas, 

Kongsberg Digital

06:30 pm

 Ecoshipping: The role of data analytics to support innovation

Vale’s research and development program to foster the transition to low carbon shipping is piloting many innovative technologies with support of data analytics for performance assessment.

Rafael Fischer, Technical Leader, Vale

06:45 pm

Ensuring Success For Customers

How does Kongsberg Digital ensure success for its customers? Take part in what differentiates Kongsberg Digital from other players in the market and how the methodical work overcomes complexity

Stein-Ove Valderhaug,

Client Director,

Kongsberg Digital  

7:00 pmShort break  
7:15 pm

Sea to Cloud. Ship to Shore.
Connecting maritime through sustainable partnerships.


Lindsay Arnold, 

Marketing Director, 

ABS Wavesight

7:30 pm

Big Brother or Better Tomorrow

Kongsberg Digital’s goal is to maximize the potential for our clients’ data. Our way of doing things is improving ship operations all over the globe. What is different and what are the benefits for shipowners and the maritime industry?

Kristian Kleiveland, 

Area Director Offshore, 

Kongsberg Digital

7:45 pm

Digitalization will and must change the way we work in the maritime industry. How can the work surface- thinking help in the transistion?

Sigrid Siksjø Johansen, Product Owner Applications, Kongsberg Digital
08:00 pmPanel discussion with all speakers 
08:15 pm


Snacks and Drinks on the Mirante


*NB! Changes may occur in the agenda. Keep posted on this page to stay up to date.

From sea to cloud event in Ålesund, Norway

How can digitalization be the answer to some of the big questions of our time? What does the end-user, the charterer, require now and in the future? These were some of the big questions we explored, when our Sea-to-Cloud tour made a stop in Ålesund, Norway.

Start your digitalization journey

By digitalizing your fleet, you can increase efficiency and safety, and get the tools you need to comply with enhanced environmental standards. With Vessel Insight we have created a data infrastructure that gives you a low-threshold, viable way to collect the vessels’ data and start your digitalization journey. 

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