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K-Sim VTS - Vessel Traffic Service Simulator is the perfect training tool to build vital skills for VTS operators

Our cutting-edge K-Sim VTS is specially designed for VTS operator training in order to improve safety and efficiency of vessel traffic and to protect the environment.  The simulator system combines the cutting-edge K-Sim Navigation technology with Kongsberg Norcontrol’s C-Scope VTS system providing realistic simulation that enhances the VTS operators skills significantly.


The K-Sim VTS simulator exceeds the relevant recommendations as stated in IALA Guideline 1027 Simulation in VTS Training. It is an ideal training tool to conduct simulation training for the IALA V-103 model courses.



  • Up to 16 VTS operator stations
  •  Integrated communication suite (VHF and telephone)
  • Realistic training scenarios through advanced simulation of vessel- and equipment behaviour in a realistic hydrodynamic, physical and visual environment.
  • Integrated AIS tracks 
  • Radar and ENC display
  •  Exceeds relevant recommendations stated in IALA Guideline 1027


The K-Sim VTS provides training scenarios for the following training objectives:

  • VTS training as described in the IALA V-103/1-5 model courses
  • Facilitate cooperation and understanding between the ship and the shore to conduct safe operations of vessels in a VTS area
  • Enable better navigational decision making
  • Manage traffic within a port, coastal area or inland waterway
  • Communication procedures between VTS operators and shipmasters


The simulator operator station uses the C-Scope Operator Client, which is the same application used in major ports and coast guard stations world-wide. Our modular design allows integration of any communication system, making adaptation to special training requirements easy.


To create realistic communication and traffic patterns for the VTS operators, up to 16 K-Sim Navigation desktop stations can be included.


A large library of exercise areas for VTS training is provided with the simulator. The exercises includes radar video, AIS data, Aids to navigation and electronic navigation charts (ENC).


In addition to radar, the instructor may enable tracks with an AIS transponder. When enabled, the AIS tracks will appear on top of the track’s radar echo. This allows trainees to access the simulated AIS data for the specific track, which includes the vessel’s identity (name, callsign, MMSI, IMO number), as well as other static, dynamic and voyage related data.


We have put much effort into the design of a user-friendly and flexible instructor and debriefing system. Our debriefing equipment includes large screen projectors, communication recording, printers, etc.


STCW Requirements for Training

All K-Sim simulator systems and models within the class A, B and C meets the IMO’s STCW requirements for training. In addition, several K-Sim Engine models are compliant with the IGF Code’s training requirements of crew working on low-flashpoint fuels. 

DNV Certification

All K-Sim simulator systems and models within Class A, B and C are certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) according to the current standard DNV-ST-0033 Maritime simulator systems.

Nautical Institute

All K-Sim DP (Dynamic Positioning) simulators are complaint with the Appendix E – NI DP Simulator/Equipment specification issued by Nautical Institute in the Dynamic Positioning Operator Training Scheme Accreditation Standard.


Below we have listed some of our experts, which you can get in touch  with to learn more about how our solutions can support your business goals.

Morten hasås

Senior Vice President Maritime Simulation

asraf ibRAHIM

Regional Sales Director Asia


Regional Sales Director Americas

erik hovland

VP Strategic Projects & Sales Director Defense


Sales Manager Digital Services

susanne roth

Customer Success Manager Digital Services

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