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K-Sim® Engine Landing Helicopter Dock – DE32 LHD

The K-Sim Engine DE32 LHD model is based on a Landing Helicopter Dock witha CODAG-E Engine configuration from a modern Navy LHD Ship.

CODAG-E isa combination of two types of engines connected to generators. The propulsion is driven electrically as in a diesel-electric configuration with two 6.6 kV Diesel Generators each rated 7,2 MW and one Turbine Generator rated 17,4 MWpresenting the electric power generation.


The model has 2 x 11 MW podded  azimuth propulsion motors & 2 x 1500 kW Bow thrusters.The control and automation systems include sophisticated power management,pump control and propulsion control.


Kongsberg Digital simulator models exceed requirements in the STCW convention, Regulation 1/12 and fulfill DNV GL’s standard DNVGL-ST-0033 for MaritimeSimulator Systems.


The K-Sim Engine DE32 LHD model is designed to be a valuable tool in the basicand advanced training of marine engineers. The main object for the simulator is to cover the operation and system understanding of combining diesel generators andturbine generator in a diesel-electric propulsion system with podded azimuths as propulsion motors. Control room operator panels as well as bridge and steering panels are included. The training objectives includes emergency operations and trouble shooting,optimal operation, fuel economy and energy conservation. This is achieved bycontrolled training, leading to better understanding of the total plant operation, asa result of realistic simulation of a real engine room.


  • Diesel Generators 2 x 6,6kV / 7,2MW
  • Diesel Generator speed 720 RPM
  • Turbine Generator 1 x 17,4MW GE LM 2500 Gas Turbine
  • Propulsion type 2 x Azimuth propulsive units type POD / 11 MW
  • Propeller speed 176 RPM
  • Thrusters 2 x Bowthrusters / 1500 kW
  • Emergency Generator 1 x 440V / 1540 kW
  • Vessel length overall 230,8 m
  • Breadth moulded 32,0 m
  • Draught 7,18 m
  • Displacement 27.851 tonnes
  • Cruising Speed 19,7 knots
  • Range 8,000 nautical miles at 15 knots, 9,250 nautical miles at 12 knots


High fidelity engine room systems include:

  • Integrated automation system
  • Power distribution system
  • Propulsion control system
  • Electronic propulsion system
  • Bow thrusters
  • Fin stabilizing system
  • Diesel generator sets and support system
  • Emergency generator and gas turbine
  • Power distribution system
  • HVAC system
  • Damage control and fire fighting system
  • Seawater system
  • Freshwater system
  • Freshwater auxiliary cooling system
  • Freshwater production system
  • Potable water system
  • Hot water system
  • Oily water system and separators
  • Lubrication oil filling, transfer and purification
  • Drainage and ballasting system
  • Fuel oil system
  • Fuel oil separators
  • Aviation fuel system
  • Compressed gas system
  • Compressed air system
  • Refrigeration system
  • Sewage System

Note: Specifications subject to change without any further notice



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