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K-Sim DP Advanced is normally used for advanced simulator courses in the NI training scheme.

KONGSBERG’s dual redundant and type approved K-Pos DP system is integrated to the simulator, so operators can gain experience on exactly the same DP system that is used for controlling hundreds of vessels worldwide.

Due to the performance and the large market share of KONGSBERG DP systems, many ship-owners prefer to use the exact same KONGSBERG DP equipment when training their crews.


Operator errors during DP operations may lead to expensive downtime, or even worse; accidents or incidents resulting in damage, pollution, personnel injuries or fatalities. This implies the need for a comprehensive training program for key DP personnel along with accurate and realistic trainer systems. The K-Sim DP, Advanced is used throughout the advanced training of DP operators.


K-Sim DP, Advanced comprises a dual redundant K-Pos DP operator console and a DP controller. The system is connected to an instructor station with dedicated operator functions to control the various vessel settings and introduce various levels of faults to occur in the exercise.

The realism and quality of the training will increase by extending the simulator with a visual scene and by adding bridge equipment. This will allow more procedural training and new types of courses.


The instructor will be able to guide the students when operating the DP system. The built in simulator offers realistic responses to the operations initiated by each student.


KONGSBERG DP simulators provide training for most types of DP vessels and configurations including:

  • Supply vessel
  • Shuttle tanker
  • Drillship
  • Semi submersible drilling unit
  • Customer specific ship models with corresponding DP and hydrodynamic models


K-Sim® DP, Manoeuvring is a full mission simulator for DP manoeuvring, joystick manoeuvring and position keeping. The system satisfies Nautical Institute DP Simulator Class NI-A., featuring:

  • K-Pos user interface with the same information and settings that can be found onboard
  • Automatic Station-keeping including position change, heading change, autopilot and auto track
  • Manual joystick operation
  • Simulated vessel behaviour
  • Simulated position-reference systems and sensors
  • Simulated thruster performance
  • Adjustment of simulated wind and current

For the ultimate realism in training, the K-Sim® DP, Advanced can be fully integrated with KONGSBERG position reference systems and third party products, as well as various bridge equipment found onboard different offshore vessels.



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