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Training of Dynamic Positioning Operators (DPO) is conducted according to industry standards

K-Sim DP is approved as DP simulator tool by all standards in the industry. The accuracy of our simulators, makes them also ideal for pre-mission planning, feasibility studies and research projects like, autonomous vessel operations, port development, fuel economy, accident investigation and human factor studies.


K-Sim DP offers great flexibility to fit a wide range of training objectives. The simulator has the necessary fidelity and realism required for engineering, training and mission planning, as well as assessment of existing or new crews, where various challenging operations can be studied, evaluated and optimized safely in the simulator.

With K-Sim DP crew and operators are able to:

• learn and practice standard procedures
• exercise effective communication and best practice
• enhance team skills & understanding
• develop attitudes and emergency preparedness
• practice emergency scenarios
• pre-simulate demanding operations prior to a mission


The Nautical Institute – NI training scheme for obtaining a Dynamic Positioning Operator (DPO) certificate is a time consuming process, which involves onshore courses and DP watch keeping experience on DP vessels.

The K-Sim DP Class A simulator is approved to be used for DP Seatime Reduction training under the Nautical Institute’s training scheme.

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Our K-Sim DP simulator solution is scalable and can be customized to meet your exact DP training objectives. The current range includes three levels of DP solutions, which all are in compliance with requirements in the Nautical Institute’s (NI) “Dynamic Positioning Accreditation and Certification Scheme Standard” and DNV’s “DNV-ST-0033 Maritime Simulator Systems”.

Each of the two regulatory bodies have defined requirements to the simulator systems according to defined Class A, B and C, depending on physical realism, equipment and behavioral realism as well as the operating environment in the simulator system. 

Below you can find more information about the different DP simulator systems we offer:


K-Sim DP simulators provide training for most types of DP vessels and configurations. The simulator system integrates with an advanced physics engine, which in addition to hydrodynamic modelling allows vessels, objects and equipment to behave and interact realistically, which is extremely important for making competence training adaptable to real-life operations.

Equipment and Configuration

K-Sim DP can be delivered with RADAR/ ARPA, ECDIS, a visual scene up to 360 degrees, a dual redundant K-Pos system and an independent joystick system, cJoy, The simulator design is available as an aft- or a forward bridge.

Reference Systems

K-Sim DP models are delivered with a variety of reference systems and KONSGBERG provides interfaces both to real reference systems used on board and emulated SW solutions. 

Power Management System

A comprehensive PMS is available for K-Sim DP’s advanced offshore vessel and rig models enabling the DPO to monitor and practice how to take appropriate action during power failures. 


Control the exercise and assess the student’s performance
Designed with the user experience firmly in focus, K-Sim DP’s instructor system provides the instructor with a powerful and efficient tool to design, control and assess the customized exercises.

The evaluation of students can be incorporated as part of the exercise with trigger events, e-coach messages and scores drawn from performance. The entire simulated scenario is automatically recorded for review and debriefing. An advanced assessment system for ensuring optimal training and feedback standards is also included.


STCW Requirements for Training

All K-Sim simulator systems and models within the class A, B and C meets the IMO’s STCW requirements for training. 

DNV Certification

All K-Sim simulator systems and models within Class A, B and C are certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) according to the current standard DNV-ST-0033 Maritime simulator systems.

Nautical Institute

All K-Sim DP (Dynamic Positioning) simulators are complaint with the Appendix E – NI DP Simulator/Equipment specification issued by Nautical Institute in the Dynamic Positioning Operator Training Scheme Accreditation Standard.


Below we have listed some of our experts, which you can get in touch  with to learn more about how our solutions can support your business goals.

Morten hasås

Senior Vice President Maritime Simulation

asraf ibRAHIM

Regional Sales Director Asia


Regional Sales Director Americas

erik hovland

VP Strategic Projects & Sales Director Defense


Sales Manager Digital Services

susanne roth

Customer Success Manager Digital Services

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