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K-Sim® Radar Cloud

Used as an advanced eLearning tool, our cloud-based radar simulations application, K-Sim Radar enables instructors to facilitate radar training for students, who now can practice anytime and anywhere.

The new K-Sim Radar is designed to be compliant with the IMO Model Courses 1.07 and 1.08. It assists in delivery of simulation-based exercises meeting key learning objectives such as marine radar operational principles; radar navigation and plotting; use of radar in Search and Rescue (SAR); and use of ARPA.

K-SIM Radar

K-Sim Radar introduces a new line of navigation instruments based on IMO performance standards. Leveraging market-leading K-Sim Navigation functionality and cutting-edge cloud technology, it is a powerful and intuitive tool providing students with optimal realism in radar simulations and training scenarios.

Access to simulators at school is often limited to capacity and school-hours, while it’s a common understanding that repetition is key to increase the level of competence. With the eLearning module, students have the possibility to practice and test what happens if they do something wrong and to repeat challenging operations until they have gained the knowledge expected.



K-Sim Radar is available on K-Sim Connect, our platform thorugh which we provide cloud-based simulation services to the maritime education and training industry. The instructor tool is easy to use and enables instructors to efficiently manage and distribute exercises to students, with cutting-edge radar simulations.

In contrast with many similar online training solutions, Kongsberg Digital’s cloud-based simulations solutions are truly cloud-native, which means that the simulations operate 24/7 without any need to limit the number of instructors and students running exercises at the same time, or for the instructors to book a timeslot on a remote simulator to provide the exercises. Also, there is no need to worry about verioning and compability of software content.

An ideal way to train crew when not actively serving the vessel

“For PARA Marine Search & Rescue, training and preparation are one of the keys to operate rescue vessels and successfully saving lives on the water. To complement our current comprehensive training program, we introduced the cloud-based K-Sim Navigation radar training solution, which is an ideal way for our crew members to refine their skills when not actively serving on the rescue vessel. This exciting new online capability allows us to ensure our skills stay fresh, even during our winter off-season. As a small not-for-profit organization, we especially find the cost-effective pricing model appealing as it allows our crews to take advantage of these technology advances within an affordable price range.”

Colin Thomson, Unit Leader, Unit CCGA C&A, PARA Marine Search and Rescue


K-Sim Radar is designed to comply with the IMO Model Course 1.07 – Radar Navigation, Radar Plotting and Use of ARPA and the IMO Model course 1.08 – Radar, ARPA, Bridge Teamwork and Search and Rescue.

It is specifically designed for the following learning objectives:

  • Basic theory and operational principles of a marine radar system
  • Radar setting and operation
  • Using radar to ensure safe navigation
  • Manual radar plotting
  • Operation of ARPA or radar target tracking (TT) and AIS reporting functions
  • Application of COLREGs when using radar
  • Use of Radar in Search and Rescue (SAR)

K-Sim Radar is the first in a line of cloud-based training applications within the K-Sim Navigation portfolio on K-Sim Connect. Supplemented with K-Sim ECDIS and additional functionality, K-Sim Navigation will constitute a complete cloud-based training solution, compliant with all the requirements for ship officer training as stated in the STCW convention.


K-Sim Radar is delivered with initial condition exercises. As an instructor, you can choose between a selection of ship models and geographical sailing areas to meet the exact training objectives. You will later also have the option to connect an instructor system for creating your own-made exercises..


All our cloud-based elearning models and applications are subscription-based services. Please see the marketplace on, or contact us for an offer adaptable to your number of students and current training needs.


Please contact us to sign up for the required licenses and get access to K-Sim Connect and the eLearning module at . The system is intuitive and easy for instructors to use, and our support team is ready to help you to get started.


Below we have listed some of our experts, which you can get in touch  with to learn more about how our solutions can support your business goals.

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