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Both Singapore and Greece are countries playing a significant role in the shipping industry. COACH Solutions are now opening offices in the two shipping hubs to get closer to our valued worldwide customer base.

Kongsberg Digital has launched Vessel Insight Access, a scalable and efficient solution that transforms manual reporting to digital data from sea to cloud.

With Vessel Insight Access, Kongsberg Digital is making it easier for ships and shipowners to embrace digitalization and enjoy the benefits of Vessel Insight without the need for additional hardware onboard. Vessel Insight Access is quick to install, immediately ready for use and provides an intuitive user interface. The solution is a cost-effective and easy way to start the digitalization of whole fleets to add value and efficiency to operations.

We have seen a huge variation in different verticals within the industry of what shipowners and charters need in terms of data and complexity. Many of our potential and current customers need easy setups and just a few data points to start their digitalization journey. With this in mind, we developed Vessel Insight Access to make it easier for our clients to connect their vessels to our ecosystem and start collecting data”, says Sondre Mortensvik, VP Digital Ocean in Kongsberg Digital.

Vessel Insight Access is especially suited for noon reporting through the COACH Onboard, replacing pen and spreadsheets with digital entry. Data from daily noon reports are digitalized in the cloud for further utilization in applications, analysis, and other value adding measures. As the Maritime sector is facing numerous emissions reporting requirements, Vessel Insight Access allows MRV/DCS-reporting, as well as CII-rating.

As the maritime industry is rather conservative and is also facing challenges with old vessels/fleets, we wanted to lower the bar for shipowners to start digitalizing their fleet. Vessel Insight Access is game-changing technology, as the contextualization of data gathered will play a key role in ongoing work in reducing emissions and costs within shipping”, Mortensvik says.

Integrations are available to shipping systems such as IMOS, Q88 and Dataloy, allowing the crew to report in only one place. All reported data is automatically mapped to Vessel Insight’s Asset Structure.

Morten Hansen

Vice President, Communications
+47 99 21 42 09
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