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Kongsberg Digital’s Journey in 2022

At Kongsberg Digital, we are digitalizing the world's industries, generating exceptional impact and value for our customers. With passionate new colleagues, customers, and partners, we have laid the groundwork for a successful 2023.
The year 2022 started brightly with the abolition of covid, where people finally could travel internationally, meet their colleagues in the office and hug their dear ones. At the same time, 2022 has been a year of challenges and crises. As we are putting 2022 behind us and entering 2023, it's an excellent opportunity to recap the achievements from the last six months of this year.

We’re still scaling – fast 

My name is Iben, and I am one of the over 300 new Kongsberg Digital employees this year. I’m a “Gen Z,” and matters like climate and the environment are close to my heart. At home, I buy more second-hand and reduce the meat in my meals. Together with my colleagues, we develop game-changing industrial software daily, making heavy asset industries smarter, safer, and greener.   

Kongsberg Digital is growing – constantly scaling to meet the challenges heavy asset industries face – reducing the carbon footprint is the most important. We have employees working in eight different countries, sitting in twenty other locations. We all have the same goals and feel the same pride in our products.   

The last six months have been hectic and equally exciting.   

Feel free to look back at the first half of 2022 here.

Shane McArdle new CEO of Kongsberg Digital

New CEO at the helm of Kongsberg Digital

Shane McArdle was announced as our new CEO at the beginning of September. McArdle (43) was recruited from the position of Head of Digital Energy at Kongsberg Digital, where he made his mark.   

“We are lucky to be in a position where great industry and leadership talents are already with us. McArdle has the professional weight and experience needed to scale up and take the company into the future. He also has the right energy and power to build strong teams and customer relationships, something he has proven over the years he has been with us”, said Thomas Borgen, Chairman of Kongsberg Digital, back in September.   

McArdle’s first six months as CEO has been characterized by high activity, attending several events, and getting to know every aspect of Kongsberg Digital. McArdle’s vision is to shape future work by transforming how businesses design, operate, and maintain their assets, simplifying how people plan, execute, and close out their work, and optimizing any asset or process to be more efficient and sustainable. I promise you – there is much more to come on this topic!  

A bounteous half-year  

We are pleased to see how businesses create value from our intelligent and dynamic work surfaces that utilize data from assets, creating a bridge between real-time and synthetic data. The past six months have offered new technology and fantastic new clients.   

In September, Kongsberg Digital launched a maritime digital twin with Höegh Autoliners as its first pilot customer. We were already a market-leading developer and vendor of digital twins in the energy sector and wanted to expand digital twins for maritime to our portfolio. Andreas Jagtøyen, Executive Vice President of Digital Ocean in Kongsberg Digital, has great ambitions to face the challenges in the maritime industry, stating, “this was the first step of enabling advanced integrated workflows in shipping.” 

We launched a new application to optimize drilling and well operations in real-time a month later. The difference between actual operational duration and the best practice target is a known challenge. KPIs are a proven method of increasing well delivery time efficiency and reducing costs, and the idea behind this application. It will provide safer and more reliable drilling and wells operations and leverage decades of experience and complex data to enable effective and efficient decision-making.   


Accelerating the digitalization of maritime industry 

We have further consolidated our leading market position in the maritime sector.    

In the middle of September, a significant signing was reached with Gaslog LNG, a leading global provider of LNG shipping services. The deal will lead to digitalizing the entire fleet, counting 35 vessels, resulting in reduced emissions and better operations.   

Later in the autumn, Kongsberg Digital and SOECHI Lines signed a contract to deliver and implement Vessel Insight on six crude oil tankers and LPG carriers. In October, we signed a new partnership agreement with Alpha Ori Technologies, adding Alpha Ori’s SMARTShip application to the Marketplace.  

In September, we signed an MoU with Shell Marine to work together on new ways to accelerate decarbonization initiatives and assist the energy transition in the maritime industry. We also added another partner to the Marketplace as Propulsion Analytics added their Propulsion Analytics Engine Hyper Cube® and VesselQUAD® applications.   


Partnerships and acquisitions 

It’s safe to say that autumn came and went as quickly as a heartbeat. Our experts have participated in several conferences and events, such as Smartgridkonferansen 2022, ADIPEC 2022, ONS 2022, and Web Summit 2022. Meeting partners, colleagues, and clients was a cheerful reminder of the importance of human interaction. 

After ONS 2022, Luke Kendall, Vice President of Solutions & Industrial Applications, summed it up wisely:  

“It was hugely valuable to hear from many of the major operators and take the pulse of some of the industry’s most important businesses and people. You can’t do that over a Zoom call. Speaking face-to-face about how companies are tackling the energy transition, the partnerships they’re looking to develop, and their digital ambitions were truly informative after such a long time apart”.   

Towards the end of the year, Kongsberg Digital acquired the industrial software company Visavi. The Norwegian industrial SaaS company provides software and services for optimizing workflows, logistics, planning, and execution of maintenance and turnarounds in heavy asset industries. With the acquisition, we had the pleasure of welcoming several new colleagues.  

Gearing up for a new year   

2022 has been an exciting year for Kongsberg Digital, where our technology has proved valuable for the industries. I can promise that we will continue to develop our industrial software in 2023 and beyond as we seek to help our clients and partners optimize workflows, reduce carbon emissions, and optimize operations.     

We will continue to innovate to decarbonize the energy industry in 2023. As the challenges to the industries increases, with increased energy costs, customer demand, and sustainability urgency, transparency is more important than ever. For example, the maritime industry will face new carbon emissions ratings and demands to reduce emissions on a large scale to meet the International Maritime Organization (IMO) target to cut emissions by 50 percent by 2050. 

We are eager to work on solving these challenges and look forward to what is to come in 2023 – continue to collaborate on digitalizing the world’s industries, and welcome new colleagues, customers, and partners.  

Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn for news, updates, blogs, and more as we continue to digitalize the world’s industries through game-changing technology – for a better tomorrow. 

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